Addressing such issues as:

Vision Statement


Branding the name Community Bridge Builders of Maryland as the premier and preferred human services agency providing individual and business services within the Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and surrounding Maryland areas is the main goal that CBB strives to accomplish. Some of the objectives of Community Bridge Builders in order to meet and exceed the aforementioned goal is:


  • Provide quality services in a timely manner and at the clients/business’ convenience.

  • Establish and cultivate a great collaborative relationship with the referring professional/agencies.

  • Go above and beyond with providing services to individual clients, referring agencies, and business partners.

  • Create and maintain a reputable and untarnished reputation within the Human Services community.

  • Recruit and employ human services professionals who have a passion for effecting change within our communities.

  • Create a workplace environment that is conducive of employee growth and development.


    With these goals and objectives driving CBB, the expectation is that these goals will not only be met, but exceeded.


Mission Statement

The mission of Community Bridge Builders of Maryland is to provide reputable, reliable, and ethical services to its clients. Community Bridge Builders will seek to accomplish this mission through developing and maintaining effective collaborative relationships with its individual clients, referral sources, and business partners. CBB will work tirelessly to promote the inherent abilities within its individual clients, and also work tirelessly to meet the needs of its business partners/referral sources to ensure that the overall desired services are performed in a professional and timely manner. CBB is committed to providing convenient and accessible services to its clients, referral sources, and business partners to become a “bridge builder” to a brighter future…one client at a time.

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