Birth of a Bridge Builder:
by Christopher L. Maith Sr., MSW, Ph.D. Candidate

Community Bridge Builders was established in 2013 within the state of Maryland. Community Bridge Builders (CBB) is a privately owned company and the innovative creation of its Founder Christopher L. Maith Sr., MSW, PhD Candidate. Mr. Maith was born and raised within Baltimore City, Maryland, and attended public schools in Baltimore City. Mr. Maith received his Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in 2006 and his Master of Social Work Degree (MSW) in 2007 from Morgan State University. Mr. Maith is currently a professor and Ph.D. Candidate within the Morgan State University School of Social Work. Mr. Maith prepared to practice social work within a wide range of service areas with specific emphasis on community-based social work/human services practice and the development of programs and services to address the urban population and those most in need. Mr. Maith continues to utilize his community-based experience to further the mission of Community Bridge Builders.


To date, Christopher has secured over fifteen years of human services/social work industry experience providing direct and indirect services, and office and community-based practice within the Baltimore, Maryland area.  Mr. Maith has extensive experience in providing:

  • Employee training & development

  • Conference presenter & speaker

  • Consulting Services (specific focus on youth services, program evaluation, development, and implementation)

  • Direct clinical practice

  • Psychiatric Emergency Services

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counseling  (Youth & Adult)

  • Group/Classes Facilitation (anger management (youth and adults), domestic violence offender intervention, parenting, youth self-esteem, and other various areas)

  • Assessment & treatment planning and intervention facilitation

  • Youth Mentoring Services

  • In-home evidenced-based practice model therapeutic services: Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) and Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

  • Treatment Foster Care supervision & case management (therapeutic foster care and independent living programs development)


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